It has happened again, hasn’t it?

Despite your best intentions, you’ve left it till the last minute, and with Christmas just around the corner, you’re feeling the stress, right?

No need! Take a deep breath and calm down. Christmas is supposed to be enjoyable and peaceful! And what’s more, a solution is at hand. As everyone who has ever left their shopping late knows, Valletta is perfect for last-minute shopping. Don’t believe us? Well, here are eleven reasons why the city of gentlemen is THE place to get those pressies when the clock is ticking!

1. You can get the top Brands! 

If you want to buy something impressive for that special someone then Valletta is literally the place to go. With loads of top brands to choose from, some exclusive to Valletta, you can really buy something awesome.  And don’t forget, last-minute gifts have to be awesome because if they are not, the recipients will know they were last-minute!

2. You’ll be spoilt for choice

Valletta is like one massive outdoor shopping arcade, so you can be pretty sure that whoever you are buying for – even the pickiest ones on your list  – you can find something for them in the city.

3. Shop with your mind at ease

You might be in a rush but you can also rest assured that no matter how close we are getting to the big day, Valletta is taking no risks when it comes to Covid. A lot of the Valletta shopping adventure is outdoors anyway (which always helps) but we also encourage all shoppers to abide by social distance and safety rules. We are providing sanitizer (to back yours up) and putting limits on the number of people allowed in our shops at one time. And of course, we all wear masks! Because caring is what Christmas is all about.

4. Hassle-Free Parking

When you are in a mad rush, the last thing you want to do is worry about parking. And if you come to Valletta, you don’t have to. There are LOADS of car parking spaces in and around the city. And don’t forget there is Free Parking at MCP from 19th December to 1st January. (Not to mention that when it comes to public transport there is nowhere as accessible as the capital!)

5. There are fewer crowds this year

Photo Credit: Geoffrey Zarb Adami | CVA

With so many people staying home this year, Valletta shopping isn’t the crazy crowd-filled experience of years gone by. And fewer crowds means you’ve got more time to get that perfect gift. No excuses!

6. You deserve to feel good about yourself

Last-minute shopping in Valletta can also be enjoyable. History and heritage are all around you. So, no matter how many pressies you’ve got left to buy, you’ve always got time to take a breather to take a selfie and put it on Instagram! #AubergeShopping! Look at you!

7. It is fun for the kids!

Let’s face it, kids can sometimes find traipsing through shops boring. But not in Valletta! The street lights, the projections on the palace, and the chance to bump into Santa’s elves mean that they’ll be begging you to do even more last-minute shopping!

8. Talking about those projections

Photo Credit: Justin Ciappara Photography | Instagram

No matter how busy you are, you owe it to yourself to see the amazing Christmas projections on the palace facade and the Casino Maltese. Stand in awe as Lisa M. Kaehler’s incredible nativity scene unfolds at the Main Guard in St. George’s Square. Just make sure you’re not too enchanted by them, and forget to finish your shopping!

9. Last-minute hopping doesn’t mean you can’t chill

In-between the toys, the jewellery, and the pressie you just have to buy for that strange person in the office who you got in the secret santa draw, take a break. Grab a coffee, a drink or buy yourself some lunch. Recharge your batteries and look around. Christmas is too short to not sit back and smell the poinsettias! And once recharged, get your shopping going again.

10. It’s all about the grid

Valletta is set up in a unique grid. Which means that if you’re an organised sort of shopper, you can do things street by street, creating a method to your last-minute adventure. It is almost like the knights designed it just for you! Thanks, Laparelli! (Look him up!)

11. You can treat yourself

After the year we’ve had you need a treat. And if you fancy buying yourself a little last-minute Christmas treat, you know that there is nowhere better than Valletta. Go on, you deserve it!

BONUS: The ticking clock has become your friend!

Photo credit: Geoffrey Zarb Adami | VCA

Ho! Ho! Ho! The big day is almost here! And there is no time to dilly-dally! Head on down to Valletta ASAP and enjoy it! Let’s end the year on a high! Merry Christmas!