We all know just how different Christmas is going to be this year, because of stupid, stupid Covid, but, if you stay safe, respect the rules and look out for one another, there is no reason why you can’t visit the Capital City this festive season, shop safely in Valletta, and still get your fill of that Christmas spirit that only our capital city can give you.

And, just in case you needed a bit more encouragement (as if!) here are 11 reasons why there is nowhere quite like the city of gentlemen at Christmas time…

1. Valletta is a massive outdoor shopping centre.

Walking through the main streets in Valletta is almost like walking through the coolest shopping arcade in the world. With the added advantage that you are OUTSIDE. Keep your mask on and enjoy everything from big brand names to local specialties. Whoever you need to buy that perfect gift for, you’ll find it in the capital. 

2. And when we say brands, we mean brands. 

The biggest and best brand names are available in Valletta, so even if you can’t go abroad for your pre-Christmas shopping this year, there is no need to fret! You can shop safely in Valletta this Christmas!

3. Everyone is taking safety seriously

We all know that the threat from Covid is real, and Valletta is taking it seriously. Sanitiser, masks, social distancing, and a limit to the number of people in shops at any one time, it is all part of this year’s new normal Christmas experience.  As a business community, as much as we would like to do well with regards to our sales, we also want to keep each other safe, and we won’t be taking ANY risks with that, so you can put your mind at ease and shop safely in Valletta. 

4. Parking? You betchya.

As far as public transport goes, there is nowhere in Malta as accessible as Valletta. But, if you don’t quite feel safe on public transport yet, there is no need to stress.  There are LOADS of car parking spaces in and around the city. And don’t forget there is Free Parking at MCP on 8 & 13th of December and from 19th December to 1st January. You can also use alternative modes of transport like the ferry from Sliema or Cospicua to Valletta. And of course, if you ride motorbikes and bicycles, there is no need for us to tell you how easy it is to access the capital.  

5. You can even make it healthy!

Photo Credit: Geoffrey Zarb Adami | VCA

There is no greater pleasure than having a wander around Valletta, and because it is such a pedestrian-friendly city, you can’t help yourself.  Let’s face it, we all need exercise to shed those lockdown kilos, so walk whilst you shop! And that way you can enjoy an extra mince pie guilt-free. 

6. Supporting local outlets pays

Buying locally is the best bet this Christmas. Firstly, in this Covid-19 era, local businesses need your support. And buying local helps all of us! Secondly shopping local means that you’ll have your gifts in hand, ready to put under the tree, so there will be no need to fret about whether or not they’ll be here in time for this big day!

7. And it is foodie heaven!!

When you can’t shop anymore, pop into one of the amazing restaurants that have made Valletta the foodie heaven it is. There’s all sorts of food available in Valletta and with Covid-19 measures in place to ensure your safety, you can tuck into some grub with your mind at ease.  

8. You can make shopping a fun family adventure.

Pretend you and the kids are knights on a secret mission. Take a selfie near the ganċ in St. John’s Street (but don’t get stuck in it!) Make up stories about what is going on underneath you in those famous underground tunnels! Never has shopping been so exciting! This year has led to lots of people becoming more and more creative and there is nowhere better for letting your creativity run wild than Valletta! And if your want to take the adventure to the next level, check out the AR museum at the Mediterranean Conference Centre when you can even have a close encounter with a life-size digital version of Grandmaster De Valette himself!

9. And you might meet Santa’s Assistants

With so many long letters coming his way, Santa has recruited assistants on stilts this year, just so that they can read the longest one. These assistants usually work at the North Pole, but because Valletta is so synonymous with Christmas, Santa has given them special permission to come down to the capital, meet children, and even give them little pressies!
Santa’s assistants will be roaming the streets of Valletta on Tuesday 8th December (4 – 7pm), Wednesday 16th December (5 – 8pm), Saturday 19th December (11am – 2pm), and Wednesday 23rd December (4 – 7pm).

10. Turn a Visit to Valletta into a romantic date

Grab the person you love and make it a shopping date this year! Explore the backstreets, indulge in some PDA at the Lower Barrakka, or just hold hands as you wander around the bastions. Who needs mistletoe? 

11. You can’t make shopping any more cultured!

Photo Credit: Geoffrey Zarb Adami | VCA

Whilst going from shop to shop, do yourself a favour and look up and around. Why? Well because you might just come across a piece of history unique to this awesome city. From statues of immense political figures to gems from the British time to awesome buildings built by the knights and loads more! Hey, maybe you could pass this off as a practical history lesson for the kids. Look at you, shopping and home-schooling! 

BONUS: Valletta is just perfect!

Photo credit: Geoffrey Zarb Adami | VCA

Christmas means a lot of things to different people. But seeing the lights in the streets of Valletta whilst sipping on an Imbuljuta with cosy Christmas tunes in the background means that the most magical time of the year is officially here.  And after the year we’ve had, who doesn’t need some Christmas magic?

You can shop safely in Valletta! See you there!